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UAF Rules Of Engagment

United Armed Forces

New recruit Ranks/Ranks
All new recruits will bear the rank of Private E-1, no insigna, once you prove you are active and loyal to the clan, you will be granted the Private E-2 (1 stripe) All current Privates (1 stripe) who misbehave constantly or are disrespectful, will be demoted to Private E-1 and/or Dishonrably Discharged.

If there are too many privates, then the new recruits will stay on the E-1 no insigna private, but will have a status of Active, instead of new recruit. Then whenver a private leaves/get promoted/demoted, you will be put into Private E-2

Important clan rules.
Private First class are not allowed to boss around Privates, you are both generally the same. Privates will not address PFC's as "Sirs" or PFC Sir or on anyway. You are allowed to talk to each other freely. Once you get rank of corporal you must address him as Corporal or Corporal 'name'.
mIRC and being active are required
Do not ask for promotions
Do not act like "Mr.Know it all"
Do not act like a superior
Do not offend people who out rank you

Respect is our most emphasized rule. As a member of the UAF Amry you are expected to show respect towards your clan member and other clans. A person who does not do this will be KICKED out immediatly!!!

Cheating is will not be tolerated. There will be absoluteluy no cheating. This includest spawnig hacks!

All privates will be ONLY using an pre-dicisded unit outfitting.  When promoted to private first class you will get to choose a Unit outfitting inless told other wise. That will be the Unit outfitting you will be using in drills and clan matches.For more details consult your commanding officer.

In order to join UAF, you must be able to play at least twice a week. Our practices our always Monday and Wednesday 8pm Est.

Promotion will not be given out, they will be earned. In the UAF, we dont care how much time you spent with us, but what you did to contribute to the clan. All member must consult their commanding officer before promoting someone.

All member must have DSL, Cable or higher. We dont want any lagg on our servers. If you are laggin you have to re-connect or leave. We dont want one person spoiling other people's games.


All member must have there name tags all the same in game corrording to there rank and Division, Below are examples:


|29th|Pvt.Joe[UAF]    and so on


All member must have mIRC. Download it at are channel is #clan-uaf  Note: Please go there often and chat a bit.


Listen Up Im Only Gonna Say It Once Pvt.!

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