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The Latest News And Info.

United Armed Forces

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Server: Gamesnet (east coast)

Just Some NewsPosted Sunday,  July 30, 2002 by Gen. Speirs

Hey All Well we got some new rectuits and are comign long slowly but surly so hang tight and wait for the MP demo and we should kick into active were still looking for some good soilders so tell your freinds and hurry up!

Operation "Wiggle"Posted Sunday, June 14, 2002 by Gen. Speirs

Hello, men were holding a mission read the fourms for details! We did great on our contest for banners we got  0 replys !!! =)

Contest!!!Posted Sunday, June 1, 2002 by Gen. Speirs

Hello, Where holding our first contest the contest is for who can make the best banner, If you think you made the best banner for our clan e-mail me at

The Site Has been Updated Posted Sunday, June 1, 2002 by Gen. Speirs

Hey, I updated the ranks section and the awards section I hope you like them if you have any suggestions please tell me, also report if the site gos down.

Were Recruting!! And Growing Posted Sunday, May 28, 2002 by Gen. Speirs

You can enlist on our Enlistment page, We are growing rapedly, We have about 7 members in 4 days not to shabby if I say so, Also PLEASE chat in our from often. If you have anything to offer please tell me or any suggestion on the site.


Awatin Demo Posted Sunday, May 26, 2002 by Gen. Speirs
Were awating the release of the demo, Said to be First week of Augest :(

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